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Odrek Rwabwogo

My name is Odrek Rwabwogo. I am a farmer; entrepreneur and I like to teach the laws of social motion and human development. I am a keen reader of history and I have over the last 25 years of my adult life, been intrigued by the slow pace of social cohesion and the continuing level of poverty amidst plenty of resources in Africa. Then I remembered that in my early years at school, I had stumbled on a story that got me thinking. The story is that in the year 1453 when the Ottoman Turks blocked the overland route to Europeans seeking trade in spices for their preservation of food in winter, silk for the royalty clothing and tea for their warmth, from China, India and the far East, Europe turned to a man called Prince Henry, the Navigator of Portugal who had established a navigation school in 1418 and had already been exploring around the west coast of Africa.

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