I am a Farmer with a keen sense of history of production, industry and how the world was transformed by simply improving Agriculture.


I teach Ideology. I like to inspire young people because of the background I had.I care that people can pull themselves by the bootstraps not who they know or how they were born


Commercial farming is the way to go. I enjoy processing of food as a basis for industrial growth of the country.

About the Book

Fat Cats & African Farmers

The views in this book touch on a number of themes ranging from the economy, business, leadership, community and family. I hope these views will help someone struggling to run a business with no experience; someone who is raising a child with no money (as it always is); someone who has lost a parent he or she has looked up to for years; or perhaps these views will help support the economic growth of our nation

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The ideas we hold on the next level of the economy, leadership & entrepreneurship for young people is meant to grow our country and to make it competitive.

Good Research

Our work makes a well deserved attempt at good research and helps decision making.


The work we do is Honest in its assessment of what the country and the Movement faces and proffers practical solutions where necessary.

Reach & Database

We reach the Lower levels of society as much as we can avoiding as much as we can the snare of elitism.

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